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Wear Resistance of Fans

At Reitz India we recognize the importance of special design fans, because of the highly abrasive dust and other corrosive elements that fans need to handle and supply fans rotating and static parts.

We design the impeller with wear resistance materials. Our experienced engineers determine the optimized solution for a particular applications.

box pink The velocity of impingement is kept to as low a value as possible through appropriate fan size and blade angle selection.

box yellowAdequate coverage is given on these abrasion prone surfaces like the leading edge zone where the relative velocities are the highest, the driving face as well as on the back plate.

box greenThe coating material, usually an alloy of Chromium, Nickel, with addition of Molybdenum, Vanadium and Manganese whenever required

box greyA severely abrasive environment is protected by the use of partial wear liners and requires resistant materials such as ceramic, Chromium carbide or Tungsten carbide to protect the surfaces