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Retrofitting of Fans

Retrofit is a word used frequently for up - gradation of the Fan and its accessories. During Retrofitting, Reitz India look at the past performance of the fan and then upgrade the equipment with the help of various techniques to achieve best performance.
Situation 1: The existing fan is not an efficient one perhaps due to difference between design and actual parameters. Retrofitting helps with little modification in impeller, by trimming or by tipping, so that the gap can be closed with minimum expenditure

Situation 2: If solution 1 doesn’t suffice then to meet the expected requirement of flow and pressure, the old impeller is replaced with a new one. This way, the investment required and the payback period will be minimum.

Situation 3: If changing of just the impeller is not enough, we will retrofit it with a completely new fan by mounting the same on existing foundation.

However, looking at the minimal shut down period, For example, only the change of impeller will need around five days of shut down; whereas change of complete fan takes longer days may be 15 to 30. Since the working fan is an earning fan, this short shutdown period is another way in which way how Retrofit is a superior, cost - effective solution to repair machinery and ensure its longevity.

Some of Retrofitting videos are linked below:

rft 2 rft 1 rft 3

Why is retrofitting needed ?

box pinkIncrease reliability

box yellowSave cost

box greenBetter performance

box greyImprove energy efficiency

box pinkReduce emissions

box yellowReplace obsolete internals

box greenIncrease productivity of the plant

box greyHelp the Environment