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Large Fans upto 15,000 KW

Large Fans upto 10,000 KW

Reitz India manufacture large fans for process applications with power rating upto 15,000 KW for the demanding large-scale projects & plant manufacturers worldwide.


 Four good reasons for purchasing large fans from Reitz India are:

box pink Made in India with machines of German origin.
box yellowOptimal degree of efficiency
box greenMaximum availability
box greyPlanning reliability

We guarantee smooth and timely production of large fans with installed power rating upto 15,000 KW.

Reitz India with its headquarters in Hyderabad is in charge of Reitz Middle East and Reitz South East Asia wholly. Fans for Reitz Middle East and SE-Asia are manufactured in India and Germany. Their sales and marketing offices are in Sharjah, UAE and Singapore respectively.