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Tea & Coffee Industry


Tea Industry

box greenFluidised Bed Dryer with Biomass Gasifier
box yellowCombination Tea Dryer
box greyRotorvane
box pinkCombined Heat and Power System
box yellowSolar Hot Air System
box greenMini-Hydro Power Generation
box pinkHeat Pump for Saving Energy in Dryer

Coffee Industry

box pinkSolar Drying
box yellowArtificial driers
box greyHulling
box pinkWet processing
box yellowPulping
box greyDisc pulpers
box greenMucilage removal
box pinkManual grinding mills
box greyMotorised grinding mills
box greenCountercurrent system
box yellowDrum pulpers
box greenDisc pulpers

box greySlurry extraction














Printing Industry

Reitz India produces a wide variety of fans and blowers for the application and drying of printed images in high speed systems used in the Printing Industry.printing

Fans for the Printing Industry

box pinkCast Aluminium Blower Fans
box greenPressure Blowers
box greyForward Curved Volume Blowers
box greenForward Curved Utility Blowers




Aluminium Industry


Aluminium is a material with a wide range of applications, e.g. transport vehicles, construction, packaging industry, electronic production, household appliances, etc., and consequently the economic activities of these industrial sectors determine the overall demand for aluminium.

Reitz India supply fans for several applications in production of 
 box pinkAlumina (al203)
box greyAluminium

Typical Fans for this industry includes

box pinkCombstion Air fans 
box greenBooster Fans 
box greyID Fans 
box greenFurnace Fans 
box pinkCooling Fans 
box greyDedusting 

Alcoholic Beverages Industry

alcoholReitz India Supply Fans for various applications in Alcoholic Beverages Industry.
box greenAlcohol mass measuring systems
box greyReception systems for alcohol/water mixtures
box pinkBlending systems for alcohol/water mixtures
box greenWater deaeration systems
box yellowFiltration systems
box greyBatch mixing systems for the preparation and dissolving field
box pinkContinuous blending systems
box greenCombi-blending systems

Paper and pulp industry

papernpulpAt Reitz India, we supply the primary and secondary air fans, the flue gas fan and the fans for air preheater. We supply the fans to provide air for the waste heat recovery steam generators, needed when operating in supplementary or auxiliary mode. 

We also supply fans for drying and ventilating applications associated with the paper production process.

Food Industry

foodAt Reitz India, we cater to the varied requirements of several of our customers involved in the Food Processing industry. Our industrial equipments are highly durable and produced in the made in state-of-the-art facilities. They are customized as per client specifications.

Limit Load Fans
We offer a wide range of fans and blowers for industrial systems by utilizing the latest gadgetry and technology. 

Hot Air Fans
We are engaged in offering Hot Air Fans and have carved a niche for ourselves in this market category. 

Cold Air Fan
We offer a wide range of Cold Air Fan that is fabricated with quality raw material using high technology.

I. D. Fan
We offer a wide range of I. D. Fan that is fabricated with quality raw material using high technology. We are proficient in designing, manufacturing and checking our products as per international standards.

Transport Industry

transportReitz India supply quality fans of Centrifugal or Axial which includes
Rail traction motor blowers.
Cooling and ventilating fans.
Centrifugal fans for locomotive engines and brake cooling systems
Suction fans for vehicle sweepers

Reitz India Fans find applications in the following industries as well. 
box pinkTextile
box greenEnvironmental EngineeringGlass making processChemicalMetallurgy
box yellowAgricultural 
box greyPharmaceutical 
box greenPlastic production and processing plants
box greySugar Plant boilers.
box pinkTimber and wood processing