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Industrial Centrifugal Fans and Centrifugal Blowers Manufacturer

Reitz India has built a brand reputation over decades as a manufacturer of custom built industrial fans that solve a variety of problems in industrial plants. They have thousands of fan installations across a variety of industries in India and abroad and are renowned for delivering

superior performance fans. Reitz India manufactures wide spectrum of fans from small size 2 KW to heavy duty 10,000 KW. The fans perform in variety of harsh conditions from dusty to high heat environments. We have track record to designing fans to serve variety of airflow requirements for industrial processes and air ventilation systems.

What is a Centrifugal Fan?

A Centrifugal fan is also referred by the terms "blower" or “squirrel cage fan” (because of hamster wheel design). Centrifugal fans or blowers are among the most efficient mechanical devices for moving air or other gases in variety of industrial applications. With the help of kinetic energy of the impellers / rotating blades, the fans increase the pressure of the gas stream and move them against the resistance caused by dampers & louvers, ducts and other air control components. Since they can change the direction of airflow, typically by 90°, they are widely used in industrial applications where radial discharge of air is needed. They are constant volume devices which mean at constant fan speed, they deliver constant volume of air rather than constant mass. These fans are quiet, sturdy, reliable and can operate in a variety of environments.

Types of Industrial Centrifugal Fans

They are divided into different types based on the blade configurations such as radial, forward curved, backward curved, airfoil etc, each with its own specific purpose. Some of them are designed to handle larger volumes of air with high static pressures while others are meant for low flow rates. To achieve higher efficiency at any given operating condition in industrial process, choosing the right fan or blower design based on the required pressure and flow-rate is very important.

Centrifugal Fan Names Based on Industrial Application

These industrial fans are so widely used that commonly they are referred by their purpose. In different industries, they are referred variously as induced draft fans, forced draft fans, primary air fans, bag filter fans etc.

Radial Fans Used as Process Fans Across Multiple Industries

Centrifugal / Radial fans are cheaper and simpler in construction than Axial fans. These fans are specifically designed to enable movement of large flow of air or for providing process relief in industrial units. They find wide usage in conveying of gas or raw materials and in almost all industries where air movement is necessary. They find applications in several process plants such as cement plants, steel plants, power plants, chemical industry, paper and pulp applications, textile, food and glass industry. These fans are prominently used in power stations where they can be used for forced draft (FD fan), induced draft (ID fan) or primary air (PA fan) to handle smooth and efficient operation of boilers.

Industrial Centrifugal Fans for Superior Performance & Versatility

These fans can handle different types of gases in any process plant and can operate in wide spectrum of environments, at high or low temperatures, corrosive gases, acidic fumes etc.

Why Reitz Centrifugal Fan or Centrifugal Blower for Your Industrial Needs?

Reitz India is renowned for creating variety of industrial Centrifugal or Radial fans or blowers for the needs of various processes and industries. The fans are performance efficient as they are built with German technology and collaboration for superior construction, durability and efficiency. Reitz India fans are built to International standards using quality components, built with workmanship and superior design using deep engineering expertise. This offers many benefits including easy maintenance, optimum power efficiency and high reliability. For requesting a quote, please use the Fan Enquiry Form.