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Importance Of Using Quality Components In Industrial Fan Manufacturing

When we think about high-quality industrial fan manufacturing we may think of the right engineering design and usage of a quality motor. However, the truth is that every aspect of the fan needs to be vigorously considered and there is a need to use suitable and high-quality components.

Using even small components of inferior material will affect the performance and durability of the industrial fan. For example, using thinner than the recommended thickness of plates for welding joints will create durability and performance issues.

Many fans used 3 levels of painting to protect the fan – primer coat, intermediate coat, and finish coat. It is important to choose the type of paint based on the type of environment in which the fan will be put to use. Humid and coastal areas need epoxy paints and primers. Using zinc chromate and alkyd enamel will not suffice for such conditions. The use of epoxy paints for highly humid conditions is an example of using quality components for fan manufacturing.

Similarly, there are many such things that need to be attended to in detail in order to manufacture a high-quality fan. Such attention to detail will deliver a superior fan that will deliver results on many dimensions – performance, robustness, durability and energy efficiency. In this article, we will go over a few examples to understand the amount of thought that needs to be placed and the effort that needs to be put in the process of construction to deliver a superior industrial fan.

To add to the above example on the paint job on the fans. Based on the conditions in which the fan will be used the type of paint that will be used in the primer, intermediate coat and final coat need to be customized. Further, a certain minimum thickness of paint needs to be done for each of the coats. As it is the normal procedure for any good paint job, the fans should be prepared properly to ensure the paints will last.

Attention needs to be paid to the type of welding that will be done. Based on the situation, the right type of welding will be chosen including metal arc welding and gas welding. This may look extreme at first glance but when a gas-proof fan needs to be manufactured there needs to be extensive attention to detail. In order to get the right welding in place, the size of the fillet and the plate thickness for each welding needs to be monitored and the right components need to be used.

Many people are not aware that nuts, bolts, screws are available in various grades. A quality industrial fan manufacturer would define the minimum grade for hardware components to ensure the final product delivers performance, durability and energy efficiency. In order to ensure this, the management and various departments need to work with high standards to purchase, store and manufacture using the right quality hardware components to ensure a high-quality fan. Not paying attention to these things will lead to lower quality industrial process fans.

The quality of the fan is determined by the condition in which it is received at the client location. Even if the fan was manufactured in good condition, improper packing procedure would cause minor damages that affect the performance of the fan. Reputed industrial fan manufacturers especially those that follow standardized procedures that are certified will have detailed specifications for packing the various manufactured fan components.

From this article, it will become obvious that high-quality fan manufacturing is not an accident but needs to be well thought out and implemented with standardized processes that are meticulously implemented.