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Reasons for Popularity of Centrifugal Fans in Industrial Plants

An industrial centrifugal fan is a type of mechanical equipment used for moving air or different types of gaseous substances during the manufacturing process. The centrifugal fan is also referred to as ‘blower’ and ‘squirrel confine fan’ (since the blowers appear as a hamster wheel). These fans increment the speed and volume of an air stream with the pivoting impellers.

Industrial centrifugal fans are used as process fans i.e. they are used in the manufacturing process to aid the process of making the final product from raw materials. The centrifugal fans are preferred by most industrial plants or factories. They are moderately less complex in design, simple to run and provide remarkable administrative convenience. There are many advantages of these industrial centrifugal fans. Some of these advantages are:

  • Based on the requirement of either high speed or high volume the construction of the centrifugal fan can be modified to meet the industrial specifications.
  • They are robust fans and can be put to use in areas where corrosion can happen.
  • These type of industrial fans can be designed in variety of size to fit the industrial process. These fans can not only be engineered in different sizes but also in different configurations to suit distinctive applications.
  • They are less demanding for their upkeep and relatively easy to maintain.
  • More noteworthy is their flexibility. They can work in more extensive scope of situations and different wind current conditions.
  • Centrifugal fans can be designed and engineered for better energy efficiency by specialized industrial fan manufacturing companies.

Due to their ease of maintenance, ruggedness, durability and energy efficiency they are very extensively used in almost every industrial plant. If the fans will be deployed in corrosive or abrasive conditions then the fan can be constructed with resistant materials to withstand the situation and ensure longer life of the centrifugal fans.

In industrial settings the centrifugal fans start from 1KW rating and can go all the way up to 15,000 KW or more. The fans are typically called as small, medium, large and very large fans based on the KW ratings of the fan. The very large industrial centrifugal fans are huge and can be 2 or 3 stories tall. Very large industrial centrifugal fans are typically used in cement plants among others.

Centrifugal fans are in extensive use these days in industrial plants. However, as different types of such fans are available, it’s extremely important to be well informed about them, so that you can purchase one according to your factory’s requirement.

The industrial centrifugal fans are used in a variety of applications. One common use of industrial fans is in drying of the manufactured product – this includes printed images in high speed systems, food processing industry as well as an automotive paint shops. Industrial fans are also used for de-dusting, providing combustion air and material handling. Last but not the least is their use in industrial ventilation, when hundreds and sometimes thousands of people work in factory buildings there is a need to create proper ventilation so that suitable conditions are created for the workers to do the job. No wonder due the wide use of industrial centrifugal fans as process fans in wide variety of manufacturing applications, they are very popular.