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Industrial Manufacturing & Air Handling Concerns

Today, India is one among the top countries in industrial manufacturing with a major growth in sectors like automobiles, steel manufacturing, cement, textile, metal and mining etc. Though manufacturing contributes to only small portion of India’s GDP compared to other sectors, the growth is continuous and remained positive in the recent years. Some potential reasons for the growth remaining positive are the establishment of new industries & factories, expansion of the existing manufacturing units with improved infrastructure and promotion of advanced practices in manufacturing. To improve productivity, today Indian manufacturers are coming up with better practices in system design and new approaches in production processes. This in fact has led to increase in demand for airflow requirements and thermal comfort inside production facilities.

Emerging Concerns

Increased Environmental Pollution

The evolving processes and new changes in industrial applications are leading to several environmental and pollution concerns. There is an increase in need for keeping the contaminants related to processes under control. The dust and smoke emerging from the industries may affect humans both inside & outside the work environments. Especially, when chemical mixes react in industrial processes they might release hazardous materials into the air causing higher health risks to industrial workers. Hence, before these gases are released into open atmosphere, the particulates that are harmful to human health have to be removed with the help of a good ventilation system. This provides comfort environment inside the workplace and ensures positive effect on workers’ productivity.

Proper Machinery for Growing Airflow Demands

The primary airflow requirements in any industry are to circulate air for improving the air quality in production facilities and supply necessary airflow for production related processes. When new approaches are evolving in industrial processes, it is necessary to have right machinery that can accommodate the growing airflow demands. But many industries continue with the same industrial equipment that they have been using from the past without realizing the repercussions on productivity. For instance, the conventional air control solutions used by the manufacturers over the past years may not accommodate the growing demands of today. That means, the machinery may not handle the requirements or challenges of the new processes. The solution is to replace the old system with new equipment or get the machinery retrofitted to boost its efficiency or performance.

Finding Right Vendor for Unique Fan Equipment Needs

Another challenge in industrial manufacturing is procuring the right machinery. The air movement requirement could be different for different applications. It is important to select right fan type, size and design by considering the process requirements such as volume, pressure and airflow rate. Using a fan that is not compliant with the process may decline the productivity. But the problem is, sometimes industries may not find what they are looking for. In such cases, there is a need to find a right vendor who can analyze the requirements and customize equipment for their unique needs. A customized solution of fan equipment help industries efficiently address various challenges related to air ventilation and production processing.